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Gift Basket Business Idea

A gift basket can surely be called an ideal gift.

Its contents can vary depending on the gender, age and tastes of the recipient; events about which it is presented, and the financial capabilities of the donor. The basket can be either a bright individual gift or a universal one, in case the recipient’s preferences are unknown.

In addition, a gift basket is just a lifesaver in those situations when you find out about an upcoming event at the last moment and there is simply no time to prepare for it.

The idea of ​​filling and filling out baskets is simple, and from the outside this lesson may seem childish and frivolous. You buy a bunch of some souvenirs, put them in a wicker basket, catch a bow – what kind of business is this?

But with a responsible and competent approach, the creation of such gifts can bring quite tangible income.

One of the advantages of the idea is that it practically does not require starting investments.

At the initial stage, such a business can be carried out from home. But over time, if you plan to develop, you will need an office. Well, or as a last resort at home, a separate room should be allocated for your work.

The service for filling and decorating gift baskets is not only telephone conversations and a site with beautiful photographs of your work, it is baskets of various sizes, packaging and decorative materials, a desktop and a well-lit place for photographing your masterpieces. In addition, for standard kits, which have a long shelf life, you will probably buy in bulk – you will also need a place for them.

Gift Basket Filling

The standard filling for baskets are usually delicacies, fruits, berries, desserts, cosmetics for the shower; men’s, women’s and children’s cosmetics, coffee – tea, chocolate.
In general, at the start of such a business in your arsenal should be from 6 to 20 standard baskets to choose from, different prices and sizes.

For example, a chocolate or cosmetic basket may well be offered in several versions: larger and more expensive, smaller and cheaper.

In addition, the basket can be made from scratch, with completely individual filling according to the customer’s order, or you can adjust the standard set by adding elements to it at the request of the customer. Such elements can be jewelry, photographs, expensive perfume.

With the growth of your business, the list of standard fillings can be expanded: include hand-made products, jewelry, bedding and kitchen linen, home cosmetics.

Who are your customers?

Both an individual donor and an organization can become a client of such a business. The service of both can be interesting and profitable.
Individual clients often offer some non-standard ideas for the business for filling and design, which may be of interest to you as a performer.

Corporate clients are more financially profitable – the teams celebrate not only calendar holidays, but also professional ones, retirements, and taking office. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births of children occur more often and are celebrated more widely.

Organizations are less limited in money and they, unlike private clients, do not have time and special people who can go shopping. Therefore, for them, you can organize an additional service for going to the store and choosing to fill the basket.

Gift Basket Price

The cost of your creations will depend on many factors – the cost of the contents of the basket, packaging, the cost of delivering the basket to the client (if necessary), office rental, taxes – in a word, you will need to proceed from the actual figures.
In addition, if the cost of a standard basket is known in advance, then the individual content will depend on the budget of the customer. As a rule, filling for individual orders is bought at retail and such a basket will cost more than the standard one.

This information is better to convey to the customer at the very beginning. In Europe, the owners of such a business, when evaluating their services, proceed from the following figures: the cost of basket items multiplied by 100%.

Gift business development

This type of service can be developed through the website, television advertising, paper booklets and catalogs distributed throughout offices and mailboxes, personal meetings. For maximum effectiveness, all these types of promotion can be combined.
You can do e-newsletters with a mini-presentation of your services for customers with whom you have already worked. Order a small batch of souvenirs with your contact details and give these souvenirs to everyone who can. Pens and calendars – this is what is in front of my eyes constantly. Put your business card in each basket. If you are planning to open sales and order departments, then they will work best in shopping and office centers.

But the main marketing tool in this business is quality service.

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