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How to make money on paid surveys on the Internet?

The issue of making money on the Internet confidently holds the leading position in the ranking of search engines. The Internet continues to amaze with new and unusual forms of enrichment, so it is not surprising that people strive to receive decent rewards for their work.

The possibilities of the network are truly endless, but this article will touch upon the issue of generating a stable income by expressing your own opinion. This is great news for those who want to combine business with pleasure.

It turns out that a myriad of trading companies that specialize in the production of consumer goods, organize paid surveys. Their goal is to understand the needs of their consumers.

What about the new label for this product? Is this colorful sticker successful? What are you thinking when looking at the roadside billboard? What attracts more attention: a bright sign in the city center, an advertisement in a magazine, or a voice coming from the columns of your favorite radio station? The manufacturer is interested in every little thing! He is ready to pay for your frankness, knowing full well that due to attention to his potential customers, the costs will pay off handsomely.

So how do paid surveys work?

Despite the fact that this method of researching the consumer market is relatively “young”, its benefits are undeniable.

Research in the field of marketing is an important condition for ensuring a high level of sales. They are conducted by specialized agencies that receive polling orders from the manufacturer among the target audience.

It takes into account gender, age, place of residence, hobbies and tastes – it is proposed that interviewed users enter this information into the registration form. Having indicated their mailbox, they receive an invitation to participate in surveys on certain topics: a healthy lifestyle, beauty, cars, modern technologies, mobile communications, technology, family, relationships.

The cost of the completed application varies from 50 to 200 rubles. At the same time, part of the remuneration goes to survey developers, and the rest goes to the participants.

What details should be considered when working with paid surveys? Opros

First, you must have at least 15 minutes of free time left. The organizers need clear and concise answers that express the participant’s true attitude to the topic.

Secondly, the correctness of filling in the questionnaires plays a special role in such work. Before proceeding, it does not hurt to familiarize yourself with the rules. It will be a shame if one uncultured word causes the respondent’s profile to be blocked.

What level of income from paid surveys should you expect?

We can safely say that paid polls make it possible to earn several thousand rubles a month. Even if you start cooperating with only 15 companies that offer at least one survey per week, 60 profiles will be collected in a month!

What’s the catch?

It’s all about focusing on a strictly defined circle of users. The personal data of the respondents mentioned earlier play the role of a kind of filter when choosing the subjects of the survey. That is why you can’t take part in all available surveys.

However, even if you randomly assume that only 50% of the possible offers will be received by e-mail, a month of playing the “question-answer” will bring about 1,500-2,000 thousand rubles. But come across and more highly paid profiles.

As a result, the average user’s income will be at least 2500-3000 thousand rubles. This is already more or less stable additional earnings with a favorable ratio of power and time costs.

Where to begin?

The first step is to register on the official survey site. Naturally, the income directly depends on the number of such sites. It would seem that the more profiles – the more hassle, but no. Thanks to the established feedback through the electronic mail box, all applications come in one place, which significantly saves time. If there is no need to take turns entering personal accounts, waiting for news, the task is simplified.

asking During the registration process, the user is required to:

1. Tell us in detail about yourself.

Do not skimp on the details. Thus, the respondent increases the chance that they will be chosen for the survey! It makes no sense to worry about the safety of personal data. Valuing their reputation, companies care about privacy no less than the clients themselves!

2. Be creative.

Answering some questions, it will not be superfluous to include imagination. After all, no one will control whether the user really bothered buying a car or a refrigerator. But to ask what exactly the consumer expects from the upcoming purchase – it really can be !.

3. Do not get carried away.

It is recommended to be attentive to answers. If the survey participant forgot that he indicated the age of 14 in the questionnaire, and in the survey he positions himself as a driver with ten years of experience, this does not mean that the system suffers from the same memory lapses.

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