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The history of the project for the sale of electrical equipment

My history of online business began in mid-2009. By this time I had a good career and worked as a product manager for the development of sales of industrial electrical equipment in the largest distribution company in Russia.

In principle, one could live and enjoy, stability, business trips, average salary and a bunch of corporate idiocy. (Hi Minaev)

But I was overtaken by a mid-life crisis — life is shit, and I, together with it, need to change something urgently, I don’t want to live the next five years of my life in order to become the head of five more employees.

As a result, it was decided to change work and make a site for electrical equipment – a high-quality online catalog, with the ability to select products according to their characteristics and quickly receive all the necessary technical information.

I expected to get profit from the site from advertising, which all the manufacturers of electrical equipment would ask to place. I even firmly decided to post only high-quality manufacturers on the site (I will definitely refuse the Chinese shit to the draggers).

I was not going to promote the site, to be honest, I didn’t even know such a word – I’ll just show the site to a few of my friends, they will be surprised at the quality of the site and show it to all my friends and colleagues, etc. In general, the site will be promoted in a couple of months. Word of mouth will work.

Creature. September 2009

So, I quit my job and began to deal with the site.

The first step was to find a programmer. First I called web studios, talked with freelancers. I could not find a common language with them. They asked me some kind of TK. My answer to this was something like “What is TK? make me a website I pay you money. ”

In the end, I suggested making the site my former cellmate at the hostel, Sasha, who had once studied for a programmer. We discussed the terms of cooperation with him – 35% came to him, 65% came to me. And for the work.

The first month, Sasha honestly tried to understand me, and I learned to speak the “bird” language and express my thoughts more accurately, more clearly for the programmer. A distinctive period of that time was a wild enthusiasm for the project, the ability to purposefully “create” 4-5 hours a day.

After about a month, we discussed which pages will be on the site, which sections, database features. In another two months, Sasha made an admin panel, which I slowly began to fill out with descriptions and products.

Of course, all descriptions were stupidly copied from other sites, the word rewrite was not familiar to me. To fill in the site database, I used sales statistics of my former company.

That is, I had an Excel file for 300 thousand products, broken down into categories and series with the statics of take and money. Having done the usual ABC FMR analysis, and 10 thousand positions were entered into the site database. The first design was drawn to us by the designer in 1 evening, which we quickly pulled up and put on the net. Honestly, there was no limit to pride, your site.

Promotion. December 2009

As planned after this, I took the phone and showed the site to all my former colleagues, acquaintances and just turned up girls, created a group in contact. This site promotion period probably took me 2 weeks, after which I realized that word of mouth does not work.

Yes, and Sasha kept talking about some sort of seo, there are shamans and so on. But I still could not understand why a normal programmer does not know how to promote sites.

He began to look for a person who will promote the site to me, he acted very simply, went to a familiar system administrator at the factory and:
– Serega hi, listen, I have a website, will you promote it?
– No problem, what words?
– Yes, I do not care if only the people on the site were many people.
– Ok come on, come on 30 thousand, in three months I’ll advance everything.

The money was transferred, I calmly continued working on the site, filling it with products, descriptions and collecting loans, which I was going to easily give back in two months, when the advertising money went.

In the evenings, I sat on the Internet, accidentally went to the old and dying mastertalk forum, and finally read what promotion, semantic core, titles, unique content are. It was a revelation.

After that, at the next meeting with my optimizer, I asked to give me a small report on what was done in a month. As it turned out, for 30 thousand, “keywords” were prescribed on two pages. I was once engaged in boxing, and we quickly agreed to give me the money back.


After that, they began to promote the site on their own. There was no money to buy links, so all efforts were directed to internal optimization. As a result, for four months on the site:

– all content has been rewritten to be unique;

– edited all the necessary tags: titles, description, alt, case, even keywords, synonymizing was actively used, persistent long-term struggle with takes in the cache;

– written section of the library for internal linking;

– A completely redesigned site structure to avoid duplication of content on pages.

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