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Case: How to create a drawing site for people and make money on it

to organize additional income for myself and as a result created a website for draftsmen, who shot well.

I’m at work. On the monitor screen is another drawing.

Recently, I decided to seriously increase my income and stop making money only on food. To begin with, I decided to set a specific goal, painted the steps to it. The choice of a way to increase income fell on the Internet.

I registered on several freelance sites and, to my great surprise, they responded to my first application left – I received an order for term paper. So I earned my first 100 dollars on the Internet.

But now I don’t think about all this at all, I’m busy with work affairs. Suddenly, the thought comes to my mind – you need to make a website with drawings. This is despite the fact that I absolutely do not know how to technically do this, and how it will be profitable. However, I do not doubt for a second that for some reason this idea seems so successful to me. All is decided! I make a site.

A few weeks have passed since I had the idea. I read on the Internet about the creation and promotion of sites. I knew absolutely nothing about this. The big surprise for me was the link business, I never suspected such a thing.

Sketched the structure of the site. I had a small base of drawings, I decided to lay them out for a start. I looked at competing sites, there are a couple of serious projects, but this does not upset me at all, everything is new and interesting. I chose a domain in the ru zone, it seems to me that it fits well with my topic.

I immediately decided to make a high-quality site, I do not have time for all sorts of undersites for training.


I continue to make a site. I work in the evenings and on weekends. For the engine, I decided to take joomla !, the catalog component is Zoo. Creating a site is like moving through a swamp, the end and edge of which is not visible. Each step is given with great difficulty, always some inconsistencies, something always does not work, it is buggy, little is understood.

To overcome each emerging problem, you have to spend the whole day searching for a solution on the Internet. I took the template for free, I decided that for my site a beautiful original design is not important. On the other hand, I changed a lot in the template, I understand the process with css and php.


So, the site on the local server has acquired a human appearance, and it can be uploaded to the Internet. I chose hosting, moved the site. Finally my site is on the Internet! A month of work gave its result. At the same time I work in freelance, I found a good customer with serious orders, and not some term papers.


I work on the site almost every day. Much needs to be done – add drawings, write texts for categories, modify the design. The first attendance appeared – 10-20 people a day, I am glad for each visitor.

I’m trying to work on promotion – I register on sites and leave a link in my profile, but it quickly bothers. Yes, and the effectiveness at first glance is doubtful. I read a lot about seo – blogs and forums. Although all the useful info, as usual, on the forums.

A bunch of duplicate pages appeared in the Yandex and Google index, I know that this is bad, but I don’t know how to fix it.


Today! The first 100 people came to my site today. More precisely 103. It should be noted tomorrow. Soon the blueprints that I had were over. I decided to rummage around torrents, although I hadn’t downloaded anything from there before. Understood with duplicates – banned in the robot, like everything unnecessary from the index was thrown out.

He outlined the ways for subsequent earnings – advertising, access to drawings for money, finding customers for their services. So far I have put adsense. Click a maximum of half a dollar a day. Compared to earning from freelance, it’s a mere penny, although I put a lot more effort into the site.

30 / 11tt

I read about the results of the runs, I decided to banish my site as well. I ordered a run on the forum. I also read what cool eternal links I decided to buy them too. The money is from freelance work, earned in real life is enough only for food.

Attendance is about 150 per day. I found a bunch of drawings on torrents, almost all of them are on the Internet on other sites, but that doesn’t bother me. I continue to lay out new drawings, very monotonous work.


Summer passed, and winter came again. The site is now over a year old. In the summer, the attendant fell 4 times, earnings, respectively. However, a lot of work was done over the summer – a lot of drawings were added, the design was finalized. Now about 500 dollars should come out.

Earnings only from the context and sale of access to the drawings, well, pingmedia banners on the little things. Links do not sell. The site received TIC 20 and PR 3, although for me it is completely unimportant.

Attendance on average has already overtaken May. The goal is to reach $ 1000 per month from this site. Honestly, according to the plan, I should have already reached this amount, and it’s not so much already – so maybe this project should not be called successful. On the other hand, even 500 is one and a half times more than my real salary. Well, in any case, it remains only to work on!

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