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Home flower delivery business

The story of how, in a short time, the FlowWow flower shop aggregator managed to connect more than five hundred stores located throughout the country on their Internet spaces. Today, the number of orders is 7-8 units per day, and the average check is 2.5 thousand rubles.

Today, the founder of the aggregator Andrei Makeev is ready to share his experience in creating a successful business project with costs of 30,000 rubles.

Flower business without borders

Flower craftsmen

Do you know how people usually become businessmen and startups? Most often, a person encounters a problem, long and almost unsuccessfully tries to solve it, and then takes certain steps to solve the problem. It happened in this case too – Andrey tried to order a bouquet of flowers in another city, it turned out that the suppliers want to earn a lot of money, but they do not want to take responsibility for the delivery time.

Therefore, Andrey decided that it was necessary to create his own service, which would offer the services of local florists and small floristic shops in different regions of the country on one Internet resource.

Until the moment when the FlowWow team got together, the “parts” of the team worked in completely different areas – there were event organizers, Internet advertising specialists, and website creators. Entrepreneurial experience was obtained at previous work, and there was more than enough desire to work for the benefit of the population!

In the autumn, testing of the idea began: the site was built on a standard WordPress template for creating an online store, Andrey began to communicate with representatives of various flower shops and florists and received permission to place their products on his website.

Every day I had to communicate with a large number of people, approximately 5-6 meetings with florists and flower shop administrators.

The understanding of the flower business, all bottlenecks and possible problems did not come right away, later it became clear not only what problems there were, but also how to solve them.

Minimum investments were made at the first stage – 30,000 rubles, and until recently, it seemed to the guys that the FlowWow project could be supported by personal savings, but now FlowWow is developing actively and requires external investments.

Startup Weekdays

At the first stage, work proceeded according to the usual pattern – customers were searched through social networks, search engines and e-mail newsletters. Today, these channels work to attract new customers, as well as other methods. Targeted advertising through social networks helps to find new customers who will come to FlowWow for a specific reason.

FlowWow finds regional representatives of florist shops and florists using the 2GIS directory and social networks. This method is very effective and efficient.

Flower business without borders

The project launch process was delayed for a short time. First, it was necessary to solve issues with acquiring, then the stage of checking the contract and signing documents came – it took 2 months, another 1 month was needed to start the system and eliminate shortcomings and inaccuracies.

At this stage, the most difficult is the constant growth of the project, its expansion and increase in sales. Each stage requires its own approach and attitude.

Money bouquets

At the moment, the competition in the floristic services market is very high. In the flower business, there are three areas, each of the representatives of this business chooses its own direction and works in it. It can be private florists, and wholesale and retail companies that sell flowers at slightly reduced prices, and stores that offer private florists, and wholesale and retail sales. FlowWow expected to initially work exclusively with shops, but it turned out that private florists offer better prices.

So far, FlowWow’s competitors are such huge deliveries of international type at the AMF and level. FlowWow’s market share is still too small, but FlowWow is not upset and continues to invest all the money earned in advertising, attracting new customers and concluding agreements with new partners.

Flower business without borders

Profit from each bouquet sold through the service is 20%. Absolutely all the money invested in further development and talk about self-sufficiency is not necessary.

The company’s monthly turnover is half a million rubles, but taking into account the current growth of this young project, by the end of the year the guys plan to increase the turnover by five to six times and attract investors in the amount of 1-2 million dollars.

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