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ESports: big money online

According to statistics, 44% of all Internet users on the Internet constantly play games. Globally, this figure reaches 1.5 billion (!) People. In addition, statistics show that users in developing countries are as keen on computer games as possible: in Turkey, 70% of users are involved in the game, in Argentina – 62%, and in Poland no more than 54%.

The global market for video games has continued to develop rapidly over the past few years, now its volume is estimated at $ 70 billion, and by 2017 this figure should grow to 82 billion.

People who play games

Earn money manage not only game manufacturers, but also the players themselves. Final battles in virtual games are collected by no less audience than similar finals in the NBA and NHL. Last year’s live broadcast of the League of Legends finals was watched by more than 32 million users at the same time, and the winning team won a $ 1 million prize.

What does this virtual gaming market live now and what its main characters – Players do, read in our material.

People who play games

ESports is a new phenomenon and not entirely understood by society. It began to develop actively in the last 10 years – at the same time in the widespread development of the Internet. However, in most countries this sport is “semi-official” and players have to sweat a lot in order to find sponsors.

An interesting fact, Russia was the first country in the world (!) To put e-sports on a par with the usual sports, and after 5 years – excluded it from this list due to a change in the leadership of Rossport.

2002, many remember how the Golden Era of Russian eSports, because the Quake 3 and Counter Strike teams took first place and won gold in the World Cyber ​​Games Championship. Over the past 12 years in the WCG championships, Russian players have earned 5 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze sets of awards.

If we consider the space of the CIS countries, the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere (Na’Vi), playing Counter Strike, World of Tanks and DotA2 and one of the three strongest teams in the world, is rightfully considered the strongest in Russia, Virtus.Pro is in the first place in Russia, Gambit Gaming, Empire, and RoX.Kis.

To date, esports have received official sports status only in South Korea and the United States, and 2013 was marked by the fact that gamer Danny Lee from Canada became the first e-sportsman to receive a P-1A visa (for world-famous athletes).

In South Korea, the love of people for eSports is so great that the popular popularity of eSports is equated with the popularity of famous movie actors.

This sport has become popular in South Korea after a long economic crisis that happened in the late 1990s. At that moment, computer clubs became the best way to spend time for most representatives of the younger generation – an hour of time in virtual reality cost less than a dollar, then television channels were added to a plentiful number of computer clubs, which they decided to broadcast on air instead of expensive TV shows or movies in prime time , matches for Starcraft. Large teams have their own investors and gradually e-sports has become an integral part of the life of every resident of South Korea.

Now the teams of this country are the strongest and often occupy not one, but several prize positions at tournaments.

People who play games

Games People Play

More than 15 years have passed since the inception of e-sports, even in such a short period of time it is already possible to trace how users’ preferences in choosing the concept of games have changed.

At the beginning, in the mid 90s of the last century, all sorts of fighting games and shooters were especially popular, the 2000s brought with them a love of real-time strategies, after 10 years, by 2010, the games of the MOBA genre are especially loved, which combine and elements of strategy, and elements of role-playing games. The main principle of the game is to destroy the “enemy headquarters”. The main goal can be achieved using various techniques and characters.

To date, the most relevant and popular games are League of Legends and Dota 2.

The first tournaments that took place in the 90s were held in clubs, spontaneously and haphazardly. Participants invested a certain amount of money, and then one winner took his winnings.

Now the number of cyber tournaments has grown by an order of magnitude – from 10 to 260. Some are held by game developers, and some are sponsored by eminent technology manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, Intel and Microsoft. In addition, there are tournaments for casual games, in which the prize pool reaches $ 1 million.

Now the role of the main Game rightfully belongs to League of Legends. Its popularity is due to the fact that the company Riot Games initially spent most of the money on advertising on turning LoL into shows and sports discipline.

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