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Realized service: Earning on independent travelers

Inga Khrushcheva can tell everyone who wishes not only how interesting and budgetary it is to travel to different countries, but also how to make money on her hobby.

A third of the globe

Inga has a long and interesting life, in which she did not immediately come to the current occupation. First, she graduated from Belarusian State University, received a diploma in journalism, and worked for 20 years on television.

During this time, Inga managed to work as a correspondent, and a leader in entertainment and analytical programs, and as a producer of the project, and as the head of the department. But 20 years later, a new passion appeared in Inga’s life – traveling, so in 2012 the work of a journalist was abandoned, and Inga began to engage in “travels”.

“Travel with ease!” – the motto of Inga Khrushcheva and her clients

Inga had a passion for new places for a long time, for many years she traveled to different countries, learned and discovered something new and interesting in every trip.

For all his life Inga has visited approximately a third of the globe! Just think about this figure – Inga saw 35% of the globe with her own eyes. Of course, she visited most places thanks to her profession as a journalist – 8 Olympic Games in different parts of the world, sporting events and competitions. The interest in sports was very logical, because during her studies, Inga was involved in athletics and even received a crust of “Master of Sports”.

European holidays

The first family trip Inga found herself in was a car trip to ex-Yugoslavia. Paper cards, many borders, hours-long lines at the borders – now Inga recalls all this with a smile, but for the first time it was hard and scary to go.
But the inconvenience, as you know, is forgotten, and vivid emotions remain – therefore, since then, annual road trips have become a family tradition. Many times Inga and her husband traveled to Russia, Ukraine and Europe.

Now it has become easier to travel – Google maps and Yandex maps, a Schengen visa to visit Europe, but people who find themselves in a new place for the first time still have a lot of questions. Where to find the most famous sights, how to combine all the sights in the most beautiful (simple / short) route? The navigator will not be able to answer these questions, and a person who has been in these parts will discover all the nuances and secrets.

“Travel with ease!” – the motto of Inga Khrushcheva and her clients

By the way, in order to get new impressions and look at the familiar world from another perspective, it is not at all necessary to leave the borders of the country. The project “Weekend tours in Belarus” has been launched on the Inga web portal. Indeed, in the country there are not only two castles and the capital Minsk, which everyone knows about, but a huge number of estates, historical places and other attractions that even local residents do not always know about.

In addition, Inga plans to develop a gastronomic travel destination in Belarus – in Europe such tours are in demand and popular, but in Belarus there have not been such offers on the market yet.

Inga uses her 20 years of journalistic experience to organize a new route. New places, new owners, new recreation programs – all this comes out from Inga’s easy hand, like hot cakes from a baker’s oven, and brings joy to both vacationers and the host.

Principle of operation

A huge amount of information has been collected on the Inga portal. Traveling to Europe, unfamiliar places, unusual routes – all this is in the public domain. Once a week, site subscribers receive a newsletter about news and interesting events abroad. Active travelers are offered developed routes for trips to Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

In addition to informational materials, you can also find educational products on the site – the course “How to go to Europe by car?” Is available to all users, but more sophisticated and designed in master classes products can be purchased for an additional fee. But the main goal of Inga is to attract people to whom she can help offline.

Inga owns an office where she can meet with clients. According to her idea, clients mark a point on the map that they want to visit, and Inga takes care of organizing all the little things and nuances. Somewhere, he called up with the hotel owners, somewhere he booked rooms, explained the features of the upcoming movements, etc. Route development takes about 2-3 days.
For his work, Inga receives about 150 euros – about 10% of the total cost of the upcoming trip.

“Travel with ease!” – the motto of Inga Khrushcheva and her clients

Some clients are eliminated at the stage of the start of the trip formation – they come with 100% certainty that they want to travel “savages”, but after an hour of discussing the details of the upcoming trip, they go for tickets to a travel agency.

Inga notes that recently the percentage of people traveling in small companies has increased.

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