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Business on the execution of other people’s whims

Yulia Lukoyanova, a graduate of MGIMO, a very charming and pleasant girl, opened her own concierge service in Moscow, which fulfills the desires of wealthy residents of the capital, and also helps foreigners quickly establish life in another country.

We fulfill other people’s whims. Expensive.

Julia learned about the concierge service while studying at the university. Then the idea of ​​working in such a company so captivated the young lady that she began to combine the work of a night concierge and studying at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. For a long period, Julia mastered the basics of the profession, met the right people, learned the intricacies of working with VIPs.

In 2013, Julia opened her own company Capital Concierge. Now Julia’s company works with two dozen corporate clients, serves more than 150 private individuals and helps expatriates to get comfortable in a new place.

The origin of the idea

The idea of ​​working in this direction came to Julia’s liking while still at university. Since childhood, Julia has shown considerable interest in everything bright, luxurious, unusual, expensive and exclusive. Such tastes of the daughter not only pleased, but also surprised parents a lot.

Once in one of the fashion magazines, Julia read an interview with the founder of the concierge service in England. This article touched the girl so much that she decided to write a letter to the company and asked for a job.

After a face-to-face interview, Julia began working in the company as a night concierge. This work, although it was difficult, but from the very first night of work, Julia liked it. She still recalls the first client who wanted to get a box of expensive and exclusive wine in his country house at night, which was not delivered to Moscow without prior order, within half an hour … Although the company was not able to get a box of exclusive drink, it picked up a worthy replacement and The client was satisfied with the concierge service.

We fulfill other people’s whims. Expensive.

Own team

Several years passed and Julia realized that she was ready to move on. Since she really liked the work, Lukoyanova decided to open her own concierge service company. With people working in the current team in the role of technical director and financial director, Julia met while working in a former company.

The market for concierge services is very small, and all employees in this service sector are familiar with each other and periodically intersect.

The Moscow office of Capital Concierge now employs 7 people. Julia selected all the staff through announcements on the HeadHunter exchange, with each employee Julia conducted a personal interview. Lukoyanova admits that all employees were set very serious requirements – she personally checked the friendliness of the employees, the desire to help the client, knowledge of foreign languages, etc.

In addition, concierge workers should be well versed in fashion brands, have a good knowledge of the city and be able to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Starting funds

In order to open her own business, Julia spent 3 million rubles. Close friends and relatives were able to help with this amount – Julia did not get involved in lending at banks, she just shared her idea with loved ones, and they helped raise money for the first steps in this market of services.

The collected funds were spent on creating the image of an expensive and worthy company – an office was rented in the center of Moscow, because VIP clients need a convenient location for the company; A first-class technical base was organized in the office, which made it possible to organize an excellent call center (all requests are accepted in the format of e-mail or telephone requests).

The next item in the plans of the company is to create a high-quality and expensive site – this site will be the “face of the company” and will immediately impress the prospective client.


The first clients of the “young” concierge service appeared almost immediately – after all, Julia was already familiar with different people and was able to get two large corporate clients thanks to friends who had invested large sums of money in the concierge business.

Now Capital Concierge works with three large clients, with 20 small firms, as well as with individuals.

In total, the company serves no more than 200 customers. Due to such a limited number of clients, Capital Concierge can work with each client personally, choosing the best deals and subscriptions for it. Now you can purchase a package of services for 3, 6 or 12 months.

The concierge services market in Russia appeared around the beginning of the 2000s. Like any work with people, this business is full of curious cases and emotions.

If at the beginning of the establishment of the business, many clients called the courier concierge service for the sake of trying to find out where the line lies between the services that can be bought and the services that cannot be bought, but now the average portrait of the client has changed a lot.

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