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Business on the Internet: We open an affiliate online store

There are a fairly large number of people who dream of starting a business on the Internet, but do not dare to take the first step in this direction.

Many are sure that this is associated with high costs and large investments at the initial stage, without even assuming that sometimes only a few hundred dollars are enough to start a successful enterprise in a virtual environment.

In particular, an impressive start-up capital can be dispensed with when launching an affiliate online store. Let’s figure out what this type of activity is and what benefits it allows to extract.

Business on the Internet: We open an affiliate online store

Affiliate online stores are widely used with the development of affiliate program aggregators. However, the beginnings of such a business appeared at the dawn of runet development. The largest online stores, as an advertisement of their own products, offered webmasters to join affiliate programs and receive a percentage of sales of goods purchased by the users they attracted.

Today, the market situation has changed and almost all virtual trading enterprises have similar programs. The development of the market entailed the emergence of CPA networks, offering site owners a set of tools with which they can advertise online store products and receive the right reward.

You can read about how you can earn up to 80,000 rubles from a single site on CPA networks here.

The circuit is approximately as follows

The vast majority of trade enterprises offer xml catalogs as advertising materials, the use of which allows you to open a full-fledged online store. Using this tool, the webmaster has the opportunity to create a full-fledged virtual storefront, which will present all the products of the advertiser with a detailed description, including photos.

An interested buyer who decides to purchase the product he liked will put it in the basket, after which it will go to the advertiser’s website, where he will complete the purchase. You just have to get a well-deserved reward.

Where to start preparing an affiliate online store?

First you need to make your own website. Here you can get by with a little blood, and use the free CMS WordPress as an “engine”.

This free tool with proper handling turns out to be very functional. You can turn the site into a store by installing the Woocommerce plugin, for which you will have to pay a little more than a hundred dollars.

It is worth noting that with it you can export xml directories and configure the basket. After that, it remains only to choose a template, preferably outwardly not different from the design of the advertiser’s store, which you now have to choose.

Search for partners is best done through CPA networks. When choosing an advertiser, carefully review user reviews about it. The reputation of the online store must be positive, otherwise the level of income will be too low. It is also worth paying attention to the statistics of the advertiser, especially noting the percentage of refusals in payment. This indicator can serve as an indicator of the quality of the affiliate program. After all, if customers do not buy the goods, this indicates the shortcomings that exist in the store’s work, which you will also have to face.

aqua Surely many have a question, how much can you earn by advertising affiliate products through their own virtual storefront?

A clear answer to this question does not exist, since a lot depends on the promotion of your site. It is with his promotion that the greatest difficulties will be associated. In order to get into the top of search results, you have to regularly invest in advertising, purchasing links and ordering ads on Yandex. Direct ”and Google AdWords. However, this should not be scary, since without financial investments material benefits cannot be achieved.

To summarize, we will make a generalization and make some calculations.

To open a site, which involves registering a domain and paying for hosting for at least six months, you will need about a hundred dollars.

You will need as much to buy plugins.

Those who can’t cope with WordPress setup on their own will have to turn to specialists who will require from 25 to 50 dollars for the provision of the service.

It turns out that the opening of an affiliate online store will cost from 250 to 300 dollars, not counting its promotion. Agree, there is not much to start a promising project.

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