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Business on your car

Opening your own business, you need to decide on the direction of the future business and carefully consider all possible options for its implementation. There are a lot of options for your company and you can familiarize yourself with them on the Internet. One of the most popular areas of business is the organization of transportation, not only people, but also cargo.

The presence of a car in our time will not surprise anyone – it has long ceased to be a luxury item. A car is a vehicle. But if desired, it can be turned into a means of making money. Consider the methods of legitimate earnings on a personal car.

Rent a car

If you do not have enough free time or do not want to make money in person, then you can rent a car.
The method is convenient in that the owner himself will only need to receive a monthly rent for his car and timely renew his insurance at his own expense, pay a tax on the car and monitor the technical condition of his iron breadwinner. This, in principle, has to do every car owner, regardless of whether the car makes a profit or not.

The disadvantage of this option is that the tenant, most likely, will not save the car in the same way as the owner would do, but this item can be discussed in the contract, and the tenant will be obliged to compensate for damage in the event of an accident or car theft. The contract also stipulates the level of liability in the event that after an accident the insurance company refuses to indemnify.

For this type of earnings, it is preferable to conclude an agreement not with private owners, but with the company.

Car Advertising

Outdoor advertising on a car is also suitable for those who are limited in their free time. You just drive a car in the usual way for you and get paid for it, this way of earning can be combined with any other business in a personal car.
The disadvantage of this solution: it is possible for the advertiser to establish a certain mileage for the car during the conclusion of the contract, it is important to always carry the contract with the advertiser with you during the term of the advertisement.

Cargo transportation

If you are the owner of freight or semi-commercial vehicles, then you can do commercial freight transportation. Enterprises often enter into an agreement with individuals to transport goods or transport goods to customers. On weekends and non-working hours transportation can be paid at a double rate.
The minus of the method is the direct participation of the car owner in the work.

Passenger Transportation

Many companies involved in tourism enter into an agreement with private individuals for transporting and accompanying tourist groups on city tours or trips to remote regions. Also, many people agree to pay for the daily escort of the child to and from school. Many companies hire a driver in a private car to transport employees to the office and evening transportation after work home.
Cons: certain increased requirements for the car, frequent business trips.

Personal driver

If you are absolutely not limited in time, then you can get a personal driver in a personal car. This type of earnings is quite profitable, it is possible to negotiate a weekend with the employer and reimbursement of some expenses for car maintenance and full reimbursement of the cost of fuel.
Cons: you will need to work constantly, since the services of a personal driver are often used by managers who travel a lot around the city, including on weekends.


The job is to transport small goods or documents to the specified addresses. For each delivery, you need to sign documents confirming the fact of acceptance of the cargo and its safety. The employer company fully pays for the cost of fuel, often provides a social package, weekends and stable earnings.
The minus can be considered the obligation to deliver on time, without delay.


One of the most common and highly paid methods of earning on personal transport is a taxi. Advantages of work: a free schedule, constant “live” money, the volume of revenue on holidays significantly increases.
Cons: it is necessary to equip the car with a checker, purchase a license and a taximeter, 2 times a year you will have to undergo a checkup.

Road helper

Help on the road: evacuation, transportation, towing, starting the car in the cold – quite an expensive “pleasure” for those who are on the road in a difficult situation and do not know who to turn to for help.
Cons: good advertising is needed so that drivers know where and to whom to turn for services if necessary.

What is important to remember

Any of the above types of earnings on your own car is a business that should be carefully thought out initially. You need to weigh the pros and cons. This is where the business plan will help. Such a document should contain all information about the future enterprise, the possible risks and options for their elimination are described.

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