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Today we’ll talk about all the benefits and nuances of keeping pheasants at home. And also consider all the characteristic features that are inherent in the cultivation of this species. As you know, the tradition of breeding and keeping pheasants originated in ancient Greece. Their tender meat was in particular demand during plentiful feasts, and hunting for these beautiful birds could not leave indifferent any noble nobleman. The bird got its name from the name of the Greek river “Phaseis”.

Demand after a century has not faded away. On the contrary, home breeding of pheasants has now acquired a slightly different significance: they are still kept for further shooting during hunting, but many have also discovered the delights of the pheasant meat business, which brings a solid income at any time of the year. Where should you start your business? How to grow and care for pheasants?

Pheasant farm.
Choice of chicks. Preference should be given to buying young animals from experienced breeders. This will avoid undesirable problems in the future (inconsistency between the grown pheasants of the originally acquired breed, problems in the development of birds, etc.). Naturally, the chicks should be energetic, while not having any external defects. Be careful when choosing them, because this is the basis of your future business! Some prefer to initially go the incubation method, acquiring pheasant eggs. But this is very troublesome and does not always give the expected results. At the slightest deviation in the process, you may simply not get offspring, and you will have to start all over again, losing time and money.

Place to keep. Mostly pheasants live in enclosures, where all necessary conditions should be created for them. They should be close to natural. There should be a lot of space (for each individual, at least two square meters). Be sure to take care of cozy houses for rest, hatching eggs, as well as a quality canopy. The whole territory should be fenced with a special net. It is highly advisable to plant several bushes in one of the parts of the fence so that the birds feel comfortable and safe. In winter, take care of good lighting: the shorter the daylight hours, the worse it is for the growth and development of your birds. The enclosure must be kept clean at all times, cleaning it from droppings and feathers. Cleaning is carried out once every 1-2 days.

Feeding. It is important to follow a diet, whenever possible giving food daily at exact hours. Pheasants are pretty smart birds, so they remember well when lunch or dinner should come. Interestingly, they quickly get used to the owner and are able to distinguish who feeds them, so they are friendly to the appearance of “their own” in the aviary. Do not forget about top dressing with vitamins and minerals. This is very important for growing individuals. Buy only quality feed and supplements. Pheasants have an excellent appetite, so give preference to foods high in protein and calories. Mostly they are fed with corn, wheat, barley, herbs, and fresh vegetables are added to the diet. Curiously, the best present for your birds will be a handful of Colorado beetles, which they madly love to eat!

Other nuances. Many are concerned about the issue of pheasant wintering. Due to its thick plumage and a sufficient layer of subcutaneous fat, the birds tolerate even large frosts very well. The main thing is to increase the feeding intensity in winter. In winter, they have increased appetite and they gain weight better!

Note. The female very often forgets where she laid her eggs, so do not be lazy to periodically inspect the aviary for new clutches. If they are found, transfer the eggs to a place specially designated for this, where the bird can provide them with proper care. During the nesting period, protect your pheasants from the slightest stress: do not disturb them unnecessarily, do not make sudden movements, do not let outsiders into the enclosure, get rid of noise sources. It is better to get an incubator in which pheasant eggs will be in stable supported conditions, which will give a good offspring.

Pheasant chicks.
Breeding pheasants at home as a business has several critical economic considerations. First of all, attention should be paid to the fact that this is virtually waste-free production. All because absolutely everything is in stable high demand:

Live birds (purchased as a pet or for hunting, which is very profitable and popular not only in the CIS countries).
Dietary eggs.
Fine feathers.
Litter (it is great for soil fertilizer!).
Important! It is worth taking care of the ways of selling pheasant meat in advance, having reached a preliminary agreement with future buyers (usually preference is given to supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, as well as private individuals).

The benefits of pheasant meat are simply huge:

Nutritional value.
High palatability.

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