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Breeding Chinchillas as a Home-Based Business

Keeping chinchillas at home is a good idea for additional business. Such an activity does not require constant employment from you, but quickly reaches the payback business.

Chinchillas are cute and affectionate animals, it is pleasant to work with them in all respects, because they are friendly in nature and do not require special care conditions. For their comfortable maintenance, little is needed: feeding once a day and periodic cleaning of the cage.

Chinchilla skins or live weight willingly buy fur auctions and fur farms in an amount of 10 pcs. and more. For example, for 1 live chinchilla at the downhole age of 7-8 months they give from $ 20. This price can be much higher in case of breeding of white or other thoroughbred species. Skins are more expensive, some craftsmen can earn more in this business. Moreover, the meat in chinchillas is dietary. They treat tuberculosis, and with sclerosis it is simply irreplaceable.

The high cost of chinchilla products is due to the physiological characteristics of the fur. In ordinary fur, only one hair grows from one hair bulb, and 60-80 thinnest (12-14 microns) cobwebby hairs grow in chinchillas. This design is ideal wind protection on the outside and an excellent heat insulator on the inside.

Let’s try to calculate the expenditure and revenue component of the business. In breeding chinchillas you have only 3 main expense items:

Initial investment on the purchase of animals. One brook chinchilla costs an average of $ 30 to $ 50. We multiply this amount by the number of animals from which you plan to start, and we get the amount of the initial investment.
Arrangement of their habitat. On 2 square meters you can contain 20 individuals, and this is taking into account the corridors between the cells. Each uterus of a chinchilla older than three years will need its own cage to ensure the well-being of the individual and excellent quality of the fur, because this is the key to your successful business. You can make the cells yourself, then they will cost a symbolic amount.
Regular maintenance and food expenses. Given the small weight of the animal, the cost of food also does not look intimidating. Eats chinchilla 1 time per day (mainly vegetable and dry food). Some farmers add special compound feed to the diet to increase the nutritional value and improve the quality of the fur. On average, eating one chinchilla per year costs about $ 240, during which time it will bring offspring that will not only pay for all the contents, but also give you the opportunity to make tangible profits.
Fur coat.
Chinchillas breed much worse than rabbits. One litter usually has 2-3 babies. But this fact makes the chinchilla coat significantly more expensive at lower maintenance costs. For 1 chinchilla fur coat, 100 skins on average are required. The pregnancy of the female lasts from 110 to 115 days, while the babies will need another 7 weeks to grow up and become independent. All this time, the cubs remain with their mother. After you can sit. And at the age of 7-8 months you can remove the skins.

Useful advice! 1-2 months before the slaughter age, it is desirable to reduce the temperature to +5 degrees in the room where chinchillas live and increase the intensity of their feeding. This will significantly affect the thickness and commercial quality of the skin.

How many chinchillas are needed for breeding? You can determine the size of your farm and the number of animals yourself, depending on the area of ​​the room that you have, and your capabilities. One person is able to serve up to 500 chinchillas. If you want a larger number of individuals, you will have to take care of attracting additional employees.

Cell system.
Chinchillas are unpretentious creatures, but this does not mean that they do not require attention at all. The basic rules for household chinchilla care are as follows:

feeding, replacing water and cleaning the cage occurs daily (once a day is enough);
weekly, you need to change the filings, which are the litter of the cell;
Once a month, it is necessary to sift and calcine the sand, which is very important. In the sand, the animals bathe and clean the fur.
every six months it is worth performing a general disinfection and cleaning of the premises where the chinchillas are located.
When creating a chinchilla farm, you should pay attention to the fact that the room was always clean, warm and dry. It is also necessary to take care of the access of fresh air to the animals, but not to allow drafts.

The cage for polygamous breeding of chinchillas is also important. This is a whole system in which everything has to be thought out. For example, sand baths should not be connected to each other and placed separately in each section. It is better to buy such a cage system on wheels so that it is more convenient to clean outside the breeding room.

Even schoolchildren can take care of chinchillas. You can keep them in a city apartment, if you do not plan a large number of individuals.

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