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What is a brand book and why is it needed
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Breeding cancers at home brings a stable income, which is provided by stable demand. The competition in this business is weak. Large fish farms do not want to deal with crustaceans closely, since at the initial stage, the payback does not give the desired profit with large investment volumes. It is quite difficult to sell large batches in a short time: the most tender cancer meat is an expensive product that can be offered to a limited circle of customers.

Consider two ways to organize a business on crayfish. The first is conventionally called “home production.” The second method involves breeding in conditions close to natural.

Crayfish in the ultrasound system. The essence of the business idea for breeding in the ultrasound system (Installation of Closed Water Supply): the technology for the cultivation of crayfish indoors.

Conditions for detention:

The presence of a room or a separate building where in the winter season the air temperature will not fall below -1 ° C (but better not lower than + 15 ° C; in the first case, the crayfish will remain alive, in the second – they will continue to grow and gain weight).
At least three large-capacity containers made of safe material (metal will not work, take plastic or plexiglass); stones, sand and clay are poured into the bottom (the layer should be sufficient for digging holes). Polypropylene pools for ultrasonic testing will cost $ 400 / pc.
Treatment filters (the crayfish farm should be provided with clean water 24 hours a day, and with frequent manual changes of water, claw-shaped poorly grow and multiply, and small crustaceans can die at all).
Devices for catching and transporting crustaceans.
Oxygen generator with an oximeter $ 1500.
Food for $ 300 is enough for six months.
Why do you need several tanks?

In artificial conditions, the density of planting individuals is too high. Naturally, large and strong cancers will eat small ones. To prevent this from happening, after the appearance of new offspring of adult individuals, we plant separately. NOT SMALL, BIG. Adults quickly adapt to new conditions. Kids can die.

What to feed? Slices of vegetables, meat, some cereal will do. There are special feeds for cancer.

What kind of breed? River crayfish need too much time to acquire a marketable appearance. The best option for a home farm is blue crayfish. We get them at a specialized fish farm.

How many individuals do crayfish grow at home with? It all depends on the size of the room, the volume and number of aquariums. The ratio of males to females is 1: 3. It is better to start with a small number of individuals. To observe, gain experience – then to expand the business. In a capacity of 300 l, for example, 80 individuals can be planted.

Crayfish in a pond. The essence of the idea: breeding crayfish in a pond and other natural reservoirs.

Conditions for detention:

own lake, made independently or leased (it needs to be cleaned, freed from predatory fish, prepared the bottom);
the pond will have to be divided into three parts with a solid mesh or a separate nursery pool should be built (in one part the crustaceans are born, in the second they grow up, in the third they gain pre-sale weight);
will have to figure out how to ensure a change of water in the lake; it can be a drain and supply pipe; if a river flows nearby, then you can put a powerful pump;
the density of planting individuals is 5-7 per square meter (in practice, these indicators are exceeded, but at the very beginning of their activity it is better to observe the natural requirement).
It is better to start growing with fast-growing species specially bred for artificial ponds. Then you can plant and river.

To gain marketable weight, cancer requires an average of at least three years (under ideal living conditions). Do not believe it when they say: planted it in spring – caught it in the autumn and sold it. This business pays off only after a while. If the crayfish grew rapidly, they would have cost a penny.

Cuban blue crayfish. In this business, success largely depends on the correct choice of the breed of cancerous females, especially in the initial stages. The most interesting of them:

Cuban Blue is an artificially bred breed of fast-growing cancer that reaches adult weight in less than a year. Cuban blue is not fastidious in the diet. It reproduces well in sandy ponds with hard water.

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