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Growing lavender once sowed and get $ 10,000 a year from 1 hectare

Lavender is a popular plant not only in the regions of France and China. Export of seeds of these flowers to other countries brings farmers high profits. Since the supply of “purple gold” from France, from countries of Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria and Asia – China has recently declined. Farmers drew attention to this niche in the CIS. Lavender came to Europe from ancient Rome, but today the market is still gaining momentum. After all, lavender is increasingly used as an alternative for various chemical additives and components, and the demand for environmentally friendly products in modern markets is especially growing. For example, today, natural lavender oil is added as a flavoring to washing powders, dishwashing detergents and house cleaning.

Lavender is used in various industries: pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and others. That is why the profitability of such a business will be very high (up to 8 thousand euros per 1 hectare). In addition, it is important to note that lavender is a perennial plant. Sowed once and earn $ 10,000 a year from the 1st hectare. It is important to correctly draw up a business plan and plan expenses in order to quickly pay back this business idea.

The first crop.
Starting a business is worth the selection of land. As a rule, both owners of large land plots and farmers who own small plots are interested in growing lavender. 0.5-1 ha of land is enough for trial cultivation of lavender.

Lavender is not demanding on the quality of the soil and can grow on any soil. Planting of lavender takes place in autumn or spring. It is recommended to plant cuttings all the same in the fall, since during the winter they will have time to root and strengthen well, so the yield is rich. For spring planting, March is best suited, but you can start work in late February, if the winter was warm enough.

Landing can be done manually or mechanically. A team of 4-5 people can plant 1 hectare of land in 7-10 days, special equipment to cope with this task in 2 days. It is important to correctly form the beds, think over the width between them. It should be large if you intend to harvest by machine, so that equipment freely passes between the beds without damaging the plants.

Lavender is an unpretentious plant that can withstand temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees. It tolerates heat, and only young plants require daily watering. To obtain large yields, it is desirable to provide high-quality irrigation to fields with seedlings. You can plant plants near a reservoir to organize drip irrigation was easier and cheaper. But it is worth considering the nuance that lavender easily rots with increased moisture, so the fields for planting should be at such a distance from the water bodies that there is no risk of flooding.

Lavender blooms in the summer, but already in April-May you will notice the first signs that the plant has fixed in the ground. There are no pests that can ruin your lavender crop, since insects and fungi do not destroy lavender, because they are scared away by its ethereal aroma. But here weed will have to fight with weeds. It is forbidden to treat the fields with chemicals if you plan to organize sales in the cosmetic or food industry, therefore, weeding should be done 5-6 times a season. This can be done either manually or with the help of special agricultural machinery.

Propagation of the plant occurs by growing from seeds (self-sowing) and dividing the bush. Thanks to this, the lavender field can grow up to 20 years without planting! It is important only once in 5-6 years to conduct a rejuvenating haircut. The maximum profit can be obtained starting from the 3rd year.

Cuttings of flowers.
For 1 hectare of land will need 18 000pcs. seedlings for machine planting 24 thousand – for manual. Today, one lavender seedling costs $ 1. It is important that the height of the handle is at least 10 cm. The stem should protrude slightly above the ground. This means that the plant will be less rotted. It is also especially important to pay attention to the plant variety and its characteristics, the most important of which is the percentage of essential oil content. Perennial lavender variety “early” popular in the middle zone of the CIS. This variety has good winter hardiness and good yield. And it contains at least 2% of the content of essential oils (this is quite a worthy indicator).

Note. At the initial stage of the business, you can try to grow planting material yourself from seeds.

The yield of lavender is 65-70ts / ha of raw materials. From one hectare it is realistic to get 90 kg of essential oil. The wholesale price for 1 liter of lavender essential oil is 50 euros, and the retail price is from 80 euros. Launch of lavender essential oil can be implemented through the online store and message boards on social networks. Thus, the yield from 1 hectare can be sold for $ 10,000 at retail.

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