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Checklist for those who want to become a tutor

Do you dream of working as a freelance tutor, but don’t know where to start? It seems that you have to do too much, and it only scares you more? The editors of “Svoyo Delo” prepared a checklist for those who want to become a tutor and turn this activity into a basic income
Decide why you need it
First of all, you need to understand what you want from this work. Extra income? Or maybe your current schedule doesn’t suit you? The mode and frequency of your classes will depend on the answers to these questions.

“Even while studying at the Faculty of History, I realized that I wanted to teach, but not at school. Seven years ago, tutoring seemed to me a more advantageous option. For example, you have the opportunity to choose your clients and not work with a person if you feel uncomfortable, ”explains Vitaly Lebedev, a tutor in history and social studies from Kazan.

Choose an item that you know well and that are sincerely interested in.
Tutoring is one of the most popular types of part-time jobs for students. Moreover, they often do not have a teacher education, and the choice of subject is dictated by successes at school or university. But if tutoring for you is not a temporary side job, but in the future the main source of income, it is worth approaching the issue more consciously.

First, find a subject that you are not just good at, but who are willing to do regularly and look for ways to diversify the learning process. For example, advise the ward of documentaries and feature films on the topic. “Recently, one of my students, a high school student, watched Nikita Mikhalkov’s“ Burnt by the Sun ”. She is skeptical of Russian cinema, but the film delighted her, ”Vitaly Lebedev shares.

Secondly, it is necessary to “stock up” with specialized education in discipline in order to prove our competence to the client, and not to remain among the amateurs. In the future, when you gain experience, this will allow you to increase the cost of your services.

“I became self-employed at the very beginning of 2019. At first I thought about issuing an IP, but when I saw news about the introduction of a new tax regime, I decided to wait. I am pleased to think that tutoring is turning into entrepreneurship. I especially felt this when I started a YouTube channel and an Instagram account and started actively advertising my services, ”explains Vitaliy. Every month he pays 1,500–2,000 rubles in taxes.

So far, you can work in this status only in four regions of Russia, that is, your customers should be in Moscow, Moscow or Kaluga region or Tatarstan. The only form of reporting for self-employed is checks, which must be generated after receiving payment from the client. No cash desk is needed for this, everything can be done in the Sberbank Online application.

Register your business
One way to gain customer trust in advance is to work legally. As a tutor, you can, for example, apply for the status of a self-employed person through the Sberbank Online application in the “My Business” service. The tax rate for those who provide services to individuals is 4% of income, legal – 6%. This is lower than personal income tax rate (13%).

Do not worry if, after registration, you did not immediately find customers: the self-employed pay tax only for the month in which they received income, so if you do not have orders, you will not go into minus.

Study average market prices and set your own
In the country, the average rate for an hour and a half lessons on the subject is 1000 rubles, in Moscow it is higher – 1700–2000 rubles, depending on the qualification of the teacher. It is better for novice tutors not to go beyond this framework, otherwise clients simply will not appear. Dumping is also not a good idea: your adult students or parents of schoolchildren will get used to too comfortable rates and may negatively perceive your logical decision to increase the cost of the lesson. Try to increase prices reasonably and gradually.

Create profiles in specialized services for finding students
For advertising, you can use not only your own social networks, but also special services, for example PROFI.RU, YouDo. You can also study with students through specialized resources for tutors TutorOnline or Foxford. In the questionnaires, be sure to include data on education, internships, professional awards, exams. Keep in mind that simply filling out a questionnaire is not enough – do not forget to regularly update it and do not be shy to ask students to leave public feedback about your work.

It is worth announcing your services not only in specialized communities, but also, for example, in a group of a district. “Seven years ago, I was looking for customers, putting up ads on the streets of expensive areas of Kazan. This is an inefficient way, it’s much more useful from specialized services, ”recommends Lebedev.

Prepare materials
Despite the fact that the needs of each student are different, the general methodology should still be thought out in advance. Decide what parts your regular lesson will consist of: a survey, test, discussion, lecture, etc.

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