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Instructions: how to start teaching online

Working through the Internet allows tutors to save time, increase the number of students and, as a result, income, as well as live in a comfortable mode for themselves. This is a guide for those who want to start teaching online.
Tutoring can be a way to earn money for both students and experienced teachers. According to the research center of the Superjob portal, about 27% of families with children use tutors. Almost half (43%) of parents of high school students also hire teachers for the child.Recently, online teaching is gaining popularity. Choosing this format of work, the tutor greatly facilitates
the process for both himself and his ward. For example, class participants may be located in different parts of the world. No one needs to spend time on the road and looking for a place suitable for meetings. All you need to have at hand is a computer or smartphone with high-speed Internet access. We analyze the steps as a professional tutor or a novice specialist to go online.

Step 1. Define your level of knowledge and audience
In order to work as a tutor, it is not necessary to have a teacher education. Much more important is the in-depth knowledge of the subject that specialized specialists have: philologists, mathematicians, historians. It is best for beginners to start by teaching the school curriculum, as this is simpler material.

Before preparing students for the final exams in the 9th and 11th grades (OGE and USE, respectively), it is better to gain experience. At a minimum, the teacher needs to study special manuals and regularly monitor changes in assignments. From year to year, tutors in mathematics, English and Russian languages, and physics remain the most popular secondary and senior schoolchildren.

Those who are going to prepare students (it can be both children and adults) to pass international exams in a foreign language, it is recommended that they first pass a similar test. This will enhance your teaching prestige. Most often, foreign universities and organizations request certificates IELTS, TOEFL (English), DELF, DALF (French), Goethe-Zertifikat (German).

Step 2. Formally formalize your status
It is impossible for a tutor who is going to teach online to do without advertising on social networks (we will talk about this below). Many are afraid to offer their services openly because of black jobs, but they do not want to register as individual entrepreneurs because of the need to understand taxation and reporting systems.

From January 1, 2019, a tax on professional income, better known as self-employed tax, appeared in Russia. What are its advantages? You can register in a few minutes through the “Your Business” service in the Sberbank Online application. You don’t have to go to the tax or bank with a folder of documents. Read more about how to become self-employed here.

So far, the new tax regime is in effect only in Moscow, Moscow and Kaluga regions and Tatarstan. Actual residence and registration do not matter – it is important where your customers are. You need to pay taxes once a month: 4% for the provision of services to individuals and 6% for legal entities. A self-employed tutor can combine teaching with employment (for example, a school teacher). At the same time, income from freelance (excluding salaries) should not exceed 2.4 million rubles per year.

Step 3. Schedule

Think about how many classes you are ready to spend per day and how long one lesson will last: 45 minutes (academic hour) or 60 minutes (astronomical hour). In order not to waste your time interviewing and recording students, you can create an online calendar and make it open. Then the wards will see free slots and record on their own.

If you are registered as a self-employed, you can use the free calendar in the Sberbank’s own business package of services.

Step 4. Prepare the training materials
Perhaps one of the few inconveniences of online teaching is related to the preparation of materials. On the Internet there are a huge number of textbooks and tests available for free, but you will probably have to digitize some manuals.

Decide how you will transfer the materials to the wards. One option is to forward during class. All information can also be downloaded to the cloud or to a Google disk, then the student will have access to the materials at any time.

Step 5. Select a communication method.
The most common are instant messengers with video calling (Skype, Zoom, etc.). But there are special services for online tutors, such as RealtimeBoard and Idroom with interactive whiteboards. With their help, you can visually explain to the student new material in real time.

Step 6. Tell us about yourself.
The key to a constant flow of customers is a good advertisement. Moreover, after registering as a self-employed, you can talk about your services without fear that the tax will decide to check you.

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