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Instagram for business: 10 simple solutions

Experts from the company “Business Youth” share secrets on how to attract customers through Instagram. For example, you will learn how to collect feedback from subscribers and save on advertising from bloggers.
1. How to add more text to the page description
In the profile header, you can enter only 30 characters in the “NAME” field and 150 in the “ABOUT YOURSELF” field. It’s not that much. And if you make out emoji text for better readability – additionally deprive the description of the necessary characters for the text. To place more information, use the ADDRESS field that appears after the page is translated into a business profile. How to do it:

Find the line “COMMUNICATION METHODS” in profile editing.
Click on it and you will see the line – “ADDRESS”.
Go through it and in the line “EXACT ADDRESS” enter the necessary additional information.

If on your device it is not possible to write the text in Russian letters in these lines, write the text in the notes, copy it and paste it into the “EXACT ADDRESS” line.

2. How to add multiple links to your profile description
Often in the profile header you need to specify several links at once. For example, you have a retail site, a wholesale site, a blog link, a YouTube link, where you posted a new video about your product. And you also want subscribers to be able to easily switch to instant messengers to communicate with managers. But Instagram makes it possible to insert only one. How to be?

Use the multi-link service A multi-link is a layer page to which the main link from Instagram leads. You can add any number of links to the multilink: to sites, social networks, to videos from YouTube, add additional texts or pictures, put messenger buttons. With the help of a multi-link with just two touches, your client will find himself in a convenient service for him to further study the product or to communicate with your manager.


3. How to respond to the client even at night
An important point when communicating with potential customers on Instagram is the speed of response to the appeal. But what if he writes late at night, on a weekend, or when you have no way to answer?

Use the answering machine feature for messages in Yandex.Direct. comment tracking service has such a function. With it, you can create a welcome form for an instant reaction. For example, “We have received your message, and the product manager will reply to you shortly.” The service will automatically send such a message as soon as a person has sent you a request.

4. How to attract maximum attention to your new post
Stories is one of the most powerful tools to attract attention to your profile. Be sure to use it in your work with content. But what if you barely have enough to prepare the main posts, but here you still have to think about additional ones? Make announcements of new posts in the Stories that you post in the feed.

5. How to properly report prices to subscribers
If you do not indicate the price of the presented product, then subscribers ask about it in the comments – this is not always convenient. A potential buyer has to take an extra step to find out key information. If he watches more than one post, then at some point he may just get tired of asking about the price every time. If you specify the price, then you cut off those who are not on the budget. And vice versa, attract those who thought it was expensive and didn’t even ask.

Indicate the price of the product in the post, and use other methods to engage and communicate. For example, to track those who want to buy, promise a guaranteed discount or a special offer if they write the word “I want” in the comments to the post or in “Direct”.

6. How to collect maximum reviews
Reviews are the main social capital. They increase confidence in your company and product, and, therefore, serve as a guarantee of good sales. They need to be collected constantly.

Announce a raffle in your account with a good gift for feedback. The task of buyers during the specified period – 2 weeks or a month – to upload photos with your product and recall with a hashtag. Then, after the specified period, you summarize by randomly choosing the winner. As a result, you will have a lot of reviews that you can use for your own purposes.

7. How to upload reviews so as not to disfigure an account
Reviews do not always look aesthetically and emotionally. Often these are either completely low-quality photos without a special composition, or simply text messages with thanks to “direct” or instant messengers. You need to upload them, but how can you not spoil the beauty of your page with such posts?

Put such reviews in galleries, and on the first frame, put a branded splash screen in your style with the text “Reviews of our customers”.

8. How to increase the loyalty of your subscribers
Your followers like posts and write comments – great, but don’t relax. Feedback is important in any communication. Subscribers will also be pleased to receive a like or comment from you. Thus, seeing such attention from you, their brand loyalty will increase.

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Instagram for business: 10 simple solutions
Experts from the company "Business Youth" share secrets on how to attract customers through Instagram. For example, you will learn how to collect feedback from subscribers and save on advertising…


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