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Small business from scratch

Small projects have always been one of the big problems of a personal business that can doom a worthy project to failure. In addition, a small business has three well-established stereotypes, which include sufficient business risk, a possible loss of cash and the bankruptcy of the entire enterprise.

However, it is worth thinking about why there are some people who live better than others, doing, it would seem, a completely small and useless project? A lot of work has been written, the video has been shot and the lectures have been presented, the authors of which devote their work to only one thing – solving problems in starting a business from scratch.

Small business from scratch

What do the “gurus” say

For the most part, business sharks agree only that a small business is not so much technology as a correct view of things.
The same projects can be viewed from different angles, given the completely different parameters and angle of view. However, the habits that were previously obtained in the work and the comparison of goals with wages can only lead to a nervous breakdown, but not to the opening of one’s own business.

It is believed that a small business is built only on self-employment and small money, moreover, on very small ones.

In most cases, a person may have a great idea for a business, albeit a small one, but the “slave philosophy” does not allow it to be implemented, since it sounds very simple “everything is impossible”.

It can be all that can only be the owner, that is, the very “uncle” on whom you need to work every day. Maybe it’s just worth looking at things from a different angle – a small business is just a small cage for a big bear that you can clean up on your own and live by your own rules, and not by the rules of the “zoo” built by the boss.

Own small business is independence, independence, freedom and stability. The main thing is to do everything right and carefully listen to the “business guru”.

The thing is that small businesses always lack development, financing, and 95% of the necessary systems and tools are simply not available.

It is for this reason that he can reveal working opportunities by only 5% instead of 100%. In other words, all the actions that large companies can make the “left heel” in the presence of “no” motivation and almost zero qualifications, small businesses have to perform with maximum “heroic” efforts.

Thus, one can deduce the true truth – “large projects work through systems, and small ones exclusively through the personal efforts of the entrepreneur.”

The Irony of Fate

Whether the irony of fate is evil or not, it’s worth asking the same “gurus” who know all the nuances of the business far and wide and have been able to realize millions of projects, both large and small.
The main thing that should be – a well-designed business plan. After all, if you calculate everything correctly, take into account possible risks and incomes, you can get everything planned and from a small project you can make a large company in the future.

But if all of the above is simply “figured out by eye”, and even if you do not take into account several thousand rubles, then in the end, such a project faces bankruptcy.

This is a small project. Before starting any activity, it is important to answer the question “How much do you plan to earn?”

If you can tell yourself that you have enough competence and no costs at all, and money – “let them come gradually”, then this will be a direct way to start a small business. In this case, it will turn out to realize absolutely any idea, the main thing is not to stop and try to move only forward.

A huge number of sites will help in finding business ideas. However, we must not forget that a small business will still be more of an extra income, but not a business that provides the main income.

You should not confuse things like business from scratch and zero business – these are completely different things!

It is important to weigh the pros and cons and go! There is one more truth that is known to all “gurus” – the more successful a person is, the larger the project that is under his control. As an example, you can cite officials, businessmen, mercenaries – it does not matter. The above rule works the same for everyone. Here size will play a role.

Where to get a large project

This topic is quite extensive. The level set is very important. The goal will be to start with the following formula:
“Enough for yourself” + “enough for the further functioning of the system that works for you.”

The main problem remains that small businessmen most often work in a small market, a local market, which in principle cannot give as much profit as we would like. As a result, a small project remains within the framework of a specific small market segment.

How much do you need to earn on average? The answer is simple – so much so that this figure is not only a good guide for the future, but also becomes an exciting goal for further more global development.

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Small business from scratch
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