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What is a brand book and why is it needed

Vala Belovezhskaya, Head of Begain Group

“Everything is spelled out in the brand book: from the form of the inscription on corporate pens to the rules of professional etiquette. This document is for internal use and for any employee. Knowing this, ask yourself the question: “Do I really need a brand book?” There are two possible answers. The first one is needed if you have a large company, a lot of employees and you attract external marketers and designers for promotion and advertising. The second – not “is needed at all, if you have a small project, you are happy with this and everything suits you. It will be a waste of money.”

You can understand whether a brand book will be useful to you by the following criteria:

You have a large company that has branches in other cities, regions and even countries. In this case, marketing activities often have to be outsourced – the clear requirements and standards contained in the brand book will greatly facilitate interaction.
It is beneficial to outsource other services. Many businessmen have already managed to appreciate the advantage of professional bookkeeping – experienced specialists will deal with tax reporting, personnel records. Find out how much their services cost for your company.

You plan to scale through the development of a franchise network. The franchisee is obliged to maintain a recognizable brand image, avoiding the slightest deviation.
Your organization often conducts marketing activities when clear identification is very important.
Brand book
Irina Balobanova, co-founder and creative director of Attributika

“As a creative director of a company that deals with corporate gifts, I can say that brand book is a real helper for us. We regularly work with the identity of our customers: we place their logos on gifts, change colors in sets, choosing them according to the corporate color of the customer, add various inscriptions, texts on postcards. When the client has clear requirements for the placement of the logo and the use of corporate colors, immediately allowable and unacceptable design options become clear. In the brand book, we see which fonts we can use, what indentation needs to be done between the logo and other elements, we understand whether we can place the logo in one color. ”

Brandbook and its structure
Since the document is intended for internal use, its structure should accurately reflect the needs of the company. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately answer the question of what a brand book includes, it depends on the scale and type of its activity, goals and objectives. But you can list what is included in the standard brand book, the list contains several key strategic sections:

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Brand Ideology.
The theoretical section, which describes the core values ​​of the brand and its development strategy. In the block indicate:

key idea and brand concept;
all its elements and characteristics;
determination of the target audience of the company.
Brand identification.
Contains visual information about all elements of the brand – a complete list of graphic, font and color constants that contribute to the instant identification of the company.

Read on: How to create a working marketing kit: instructions and examples.

The main attention in this section of the brand book is given to the logo – mistakes in its use are made very often. It should be indicated:

color palette for printing and use on the Internet;
indentation size – security zone;
use cases in color and monochrome;
version of the inappropriate use of the logo.
Guideline – passport of standards.
The most voluminous section, which contains detailed recommendations on the proper use of all elements of the corporate identity – in the brand book all options of brand carriers are indicated. It includes such nuances as:

layouts of signs, business cards, catalogs;
examples of interior decoration of offices, retail outlets, company’s own transport;
corporate documentation options;
layouts of advertising media, packaging, souvenir products.

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