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If you are just thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but you have absolutely no experience, open a home-based business. This kind of entrepreneurship is ideal for the first attempt to…

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How to independently buy a ready-made website with income
Welcome, we, the territory of the investment company! We will help you buy a site! We help private investors to raise income so that it significantly exceeds the expense. In…

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A profitable investment of small dollar amounts is a rather complicated issue that every person has encountered. When we fall into the hands of money, then they have only two…

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How to open a furniture store from scratch

Formats of furniture stores
1. Franchise furniture store
If you want to open a business, but there is no desire to tinker with various paper matters, you can organize a franchise business. Today, many large furniture factories offer those wishing to create a business under their own brand. What does a franchise buyer get?

The main advantage is support in everything. From the search for premises, to the selection of personnel and advertising. What should a franchise buyer do? Just pay the required amount for using the franchise on time, strictly observe all the terms of the franchise (requirements for the premises, employees, etc.).

In the business.ru accounting system for furniture stores, a convenient search for furniture by articles, the ability to upload photos and furniture specifications for the convenience of working with customers in pre-order format is implemented. Try the service to automate the work of a business furniture store. Ru right now >>

2. Online furniture store
Today it is perhaps the most popular way to buy goods. Many buyers are actively buying furniture in online stores. Without leaving your home, you select the right model, place your order and wait for delivery.

What are the advantages of such a business for an entrepreneur? The most important advantage is cost savings. It will be necessary to spend money on creating a site, filling it out, a warehouse, an office space, for placing operators who accept and process orders.

Features of online furniture trading
But, if you think that you just have to do the above and enjoy the profit, you are mistaken. There are also difficulties in selling online, we list the main ones and tell you how to solve them.

1. High check. Buying furniture is noticeable for any budget, its amount can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles. Of course, if the client sees some kind of marriage during delivery, but immediately requires either a replacement or a refund. Lack of details, wrong color, scratches and chips can become a reason to start the proceedings. If the seller does not meet, the case may go to court.
But all this can be avoided if you comply with the declared quality and set the price corresponding to the product.

2. Long selection

If we talk about other niches, for example, about a clothing store, perfumery, then there is a large proportion of spontaneous purchases by customers. Furniture can be selected for hours. Especially when it comes to the nursery.

Parents are responsible for the health of the child, so they look at different options. Of course, this is fraught with an empty basket for you, because it is not a fact that it is your product that the customer will like.

But if he still chooses you, then there is a chance that the buyer will leave a positive review and recommend it to friends.

3. Customer care offline

This is a fairly common problem. Initially, the client, in order to save time, decides to order furniture in the online store. But, in the selection process, it comes to the conclusion that it is still necessary to see the selected model with your own eyes, touch it, sit, lie down, and so on.

If you have an offline store besides an offline one, there are no problems. In this case, the money remains in business. If not, customers look at the furniture on the site and buy from competitors.

3. Dropshipping
Dropshipping is an interesting and very attractive sales format for many entrepreneurs. Why? Because you need to do a little, but at the same time get a good profit.

So what is the essence of dropshipping? The seller only accepts orders for the manufacturer, while acting as an independent legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

A big plus is that most often the manufacturer incurs the costs of storage, delivery and all other expenses. The entrepreneur only places an order in his store, sends it to the factory and receives his legal commission.

Where can I get money to open a store?
Perhaps this is the most important question that all novice businessmen are asked. You can find money to open your furniture store in various ways:

Bank loan
Today, every second loan. Yes, indeed this is a good option to get money pretty quickly. But before you go to the bank, we recommend that you carefully consider everything: make sure the profitability of the business, analyze the approximate payback periods and the level of competition. Also look at all the banks in the city where the lowest loan rate. If you are confident in your abilities, start paperwork.

Help from the state
This way is a bit more complicated. In order to get help, you need to:

register with the employment service as unemployed;
present a certificate of income from a previous place of work;
Further, for a special commission, which will decide whether to give you money or not, draw up a detailed business plan. It is necessary to describe in detail what you will spend money on, in what time frame you plan to achieve profit, etc.
If you can convince the commission, you will receive free financial assistance for the development of your business.

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