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Remote Sales

Why exactly the remote sales team? It allows you to save on rent and all associated costs, salary and more. At the same time, the business receives better employees motivated to work and builds a system that is easy to manage. Olga Rossi, an expert in building remote sales departments, told Business.ru how to build a remote sales department in a company.

6 steps to launch a remote sales team
Step 1. Basic Automation
Why basic? To start the work, you do not need a super digitized model with hundreds of indicators. It will be enough to create a system where 5-6 key indicators are automatically measured. This is the level at which you can manage sales and be effective. In addition, the completion of the system is an ongoing process. There will be bugs in the launch, you will be able to eliminate them in the next steps. Configure CRM once and for all – it will not work.
1) Define the baseline

What indicators do I recommend measuring at first:

conversion from application to transaction (by managers and general);
conversion from the application to the intermediate stage (meeting / CP / test product);
conversion from account to payment (by managers and total);
average check;
duration of conversations of managers per day / week.
In the future, you can detail all these indicators by traffic channels, if there are several.

2) Draw a client path

We take a sheet of paper and draw in full its path in the company from the first contact to the transaction.

3) From this we will form a sales funnel

Funnel example

New lead – Call – Appointed Meeting – CP sent – Invoice issued – Invoice paid, etc.

It is important to formulate the names of the stages of the funnel with phrases indicating the result, not the process.



We agree on a contract (process)

The agreement is agreed (result)

Customer thinks (process, uncertainty)

Cp sent (result)

Waiting for payment

Invoice issued (result)

Funnel stages are micro results that make up the main result – the deal. The idea is that when placing a deal at the funnel stage, the manager will look at which stage is next, where to move the client further. This will allow managers to focus on the result. Both the manager and the leader will see what exactly is happening with the transaction, at what stages the manager has the most “hangs”.

I emphasize that this is a very, very important point. If there are errors in the funnel, all the work of the sales department will go crookedly.

4) Set up a CRM system

I recommend taking an understandable and simple CRM, in which there is a maximum of integration and widgets, in the future you will save yourself time. We connect telephony to it. For many, “connecting CRM and telephony” sounds scary, in fact, this takes about 1 hour.

Then, we embed our sales funnel in CRM. If you chose a simple CRM system, then this is done intuitively or through the support service. I recommend delegating this to the technical assistant, and then accepting the work clearly on the ToR.

5) We describe business processes: regulations and instructions

Now back to point 2, where we described the client’s path. At each stage of this path, an employee interacts with him (manager, administrator, seller). Describe the perfect picture of the work of employees at each stage.

Describe the desired result and the technology of work that will lead to it. Describe also the successful and failed cases of employees: what mistakes have already been made, what led to, how to avoid, and also successful examples of solutions when the employee did the right thing, achieved cool results, thanks to which, and how to repeat it.

Do not try to make a complete and perfect instruction the first time. It’s better to update the rules once a month, this is absolutely normal.

Step 2. Hiring Employees
Only now, when basic automation is done, we can introduce employees to the work.

1) Position profile

Open a text editor and describe in detail who you need. What qualities, what experience, what psychotype / character. Check which parameters are very important, which are optional. For example, for remote managers, I consider such qualities as responsibility, stability, and the absence of disappearance to be mandatory. For some remote candidates, online work is

it’s a part-time job, they’re looking for a flexible “work when I want” schedule. Decide if this is right for you. For others, remote work is a source of income, who is ambitious and will hold onto the workplace.

So describe: “Punctual, responsible, at work is always on time. He appreciates work, wants stability and development in the profession. Need money and so on … “.

If the company has a successful case for hiring a manager, describe it in detail, let the new employees look like him. You should see the ideal employee and describe him before you start creating a vacancy. Otherwise, you will make many hiring mistakes. Turnover is expensive for the company and painfully hits sales.

2) Make a vacancy.

Here it is necessary to describe theses and clearly, without water, whom you are looking for. Often vacancies are incomprehensible, vague streamlined.

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