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How to open a shoe store in 2020

Opening a store is not easy. You need to know a lot of different nuances. More often than not, it seems to novice businessmen that it is easiest to open a point of sale of goods that people cannot do without. Like, they will always buy, only have time to drive. Many also include a shoe store. This is partly true, shoes are always needed. But not so simple. Read on about the pitfalls of this business.

Features of opening a shoe store
Let’s start with the main thing, what should be prepared for when opening a shoe store.

Range. Before creating it, read the statistics on demand for this type of product: the most popular are women’s shoes (60%), followed by children’s shoes (20%), men’s shoes (15%).
Much depends on the window dressing! As we wrote above, the shoes of the fairer sex are most often bought, so the store should look well-groomed, bright and stylish. Showcase the most interesting designs that may interest buyers.
Think about where you will open your store. If you plan to trade in budget footwear, then you can think about a small department in the shopping center, but if premium class shoes, then you should look for a separate room, preferably on the red line.
Do not overcharge. Better to sell more pairs than one, but expensive – the golden rule that will help you in your work.
Be sure to have a quality certificate for different groups of products. So you will increase customer confidence: your shoes have a guarantee and  prepared for therefore will be worn for a long time.

Disadvantages of opening a shoe store
Novice shoe store owners can not always turn a startup into a profitable business. And there are many reasons for this. We list the main disadvantages of the shoe business:

High competition: shoe stores are at almost every step, becoming a head taller than them is not an easy task.
There is certainly profit from such a business, but it is not always enough for the entrepreneur himself to live on, to maintain the business, or to purchase a new batch of goods.
It is not easy, especially at the initial stage to select a product that will definitely be in demand. That is why the warehouse is usually full of balances that have to be sold much cheaper, just to return the money spent on the purchase.
Shoes are always needed, therefore, such a business does not depend much on the season. Of course, if you plan to trade exclusively in summer goods, then you should not open a point of sale in winter, etc.

How fast you can start a startup depends on you and your plans. If you open a large market, then you will need at least six months to serve the first buyer. If the store is small, 3-4 will be enough.

So, you were not afraid and are still full of energy and desire to open a shoe store, then our step-by-step instruction is for you.

1. Market and target audience analysis
To analyze the market, there is no need to delve deeply into this topic. It just doesn’t make sense. Competitors and strong market players carefully hide sales statistics, etc.

Only potential market capacity will help you in this matter, it can be calculated for a specific region where you plan to open a point. Use for this open information that is in Rosstat or in various marketing research.

Now let’s talk about your target audience. Properly identifying it is half the success of a business. Therefore, make a clear portrait of your consumer. Answer the questions:

how old is he;
where he lives and by whom he works;
what shoes he buys, his tastes and preferences;
why should he buy shoes from you.
Care must be taken to get information about your target audience. Go to the stores of competitors, see what customers buy? Look at the people on the streets of the city, which models of shoes prevail among women, men, etc. Also, many of your competitors probably have social pages. networks with the presented assortment. See which posts get the most likes and reposts.

2. Choosing a shoe store concept: for whom we sell
The most profitable shoe store is for children. It is unlikely that anyone will argue. Parents always try to get high-quality and expensive shoes for their child. Also, children grow quickly, which means there will always be demand.

Next, a women’s shoe store. Also quite a profitable option. According to statistics, women buy 2-4 pairs per year, and this is a lot.

A retail outlet with men’s shoes can be quite profitable. A strong half of humanity does not buy shoes so often, but does not save on this issue.

The best option is a family shoe store. Here you will not lose, and will be able to satisfy the need of all of the above categories.

3. Assortment definition: what we sell
The most important piece of advice at this stage: don’t buy large quantities of goods. Buy a little, “probe” what your target audience needs and what doesn’t. In order not to miscalculate with the assortment, always keep abreast of fashion trends, trust trusted suppliers to ensure high-quality shoes.

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