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Breeding Chinchillas as a Home-Based Business
Keeping chinchillas at home is a good idea for additional business. Such an activity does not require constant employment from you, but quickly reaches the payback business. Chinchillas are cute…

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Checklist for those who want to become a tutor
Do you dream of working as a freelance tutor, but don’t know where to start? It seems that you have to do too much, and it only scares you more?…

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Breeding cancers at home brings a stable income, which is provided by stable demand. The competition in this business is weak. Large fish farms do not want to deal with…

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On a couch from Ferrari: how to make money on furniture from spare parts

In 2013, after graduating from the Physics Department of Moscow State University, Mikhail Karavaev got a job as an engineer in a telecommunications company. But he didn’t want to “work for an uncle”: he didn’t like to follow the orders of his boss, and he didn’t like the salary. At that time, he had been fond of cars for several years and watched what pieces of furniture are made from parts by craftsmen in Russia and abroad. In 2015, in the Top Gear program, Mikhail saw a table at the base of which was a car engine, and decided to try to make such a model, his friend Oleg Kalayev joined him.

The friends took the cylinder block as the basis (the basic engine part, the casing without entrails), they bought it for three thousand rubles. The lid was made of glass. The friends presented the resulting table to a friend Continue reading

The path to collapse: 13 mistakes novice restaurateur

In 2017, businessman Danil Gerasimidi founded the company Gastronorma, which is engaged in the design, construction and reconception of catering facilities. The entrepreneurial team from scratch launched more than 350 establishments in the main segments of the restaurant market – cafes, fast food restaurants and coffee houses. Among the Gastronorma clients are Dodo Pizza and Pizza 22 cm chains, the catering unit of the Park Inn Pulkovskaya hotel, All Seasons St. Petersburg restaurants, and the Baltschug Moscow deli. One project brings the company from 50 thousand to 1 million rubles, depending on the volume and complexity of the services provided. On average, a team can take about a month to design a restaurant with an area of ​​250 square meters. Gastronorma’s monthly revenue is 2–4 million rubles. Continue reading

What is a brand book and why is it needed

Vala Belovezhskaya, Head of Begain Group

“Everything is spelled out in the brand book: from the form of the inscription on corporate pens to the rules of professional etiquette. This document is for internal use and for any employee. Knowing this, ask yourself the question: “Do I really need a brand book?” There are two possible answers. The first one is needed if you have a large company, a lot of employees and you attract external marketers and designers for promotion and advertising. The second – not “is needed at all, if you have a small project, you are happy with this and everything suits you. It will be a waste of money.”

You can understand whether a brand book will be useful to you by the following criteria:

You have a large company that has branches in other cities, regions and even countries. In this case, marketing Continue reading

Price policy

What is pricing policy?
Pricing is a pricing strategy. It is influenced by a number of factors:

uniqueness of the product, its quality, level of demand and competition;
state control;
average market prices;
target group of customers;
long-term and short-term goals of your company.
An important role in pricing is played by costs, which is why many companies strive to optimize their Continue reading

How to open a furniture store from scratch

Formats of furniture stores
1. Franchise furniture store
If you want to open a business, but there is no desire to tinker with various paper matters, you can organize a franchise business. Today, many large furniture factories offer those wishing to create a business under their own brand. What does a franchise buyer get?

The main advantage is support in everything. From the search for premises, to the selection of personnel and advertising. What should a franchise buyer do? Just pay the required amount for using the franchise on time, strictly observe all the terms of the franchise (requirements for the premises, employees, etc.). Continue reading

ESports: big money online
According to statistics, 44% of all Internet users on the Internet constantly play games. Globally, this figure reaches 1.5 billion (!) People. In addition, statistics show that users in developing…


Breastfeeding Advice - Useful Advice Business
The health of any person is laid from birth. Many say: "The main thing is that there is health, and the rest will follow." Most doctors agree with this statement,…


How to invest in health and win?
The desire of a large number of people for healthy food, environmentally friendly and sports products naturally generates proposals in the industry trend of "beauty, environmental friendliness and health." What…


Instructions: how to start teaching online
Working through the Internet allows tutors to save time, increase the number of students and, as a result, income, as well as live in a comfortable mode for themselves. This…