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What is a brand book and why is it needed
Vala Belovezhskaya, Head of Begain Group “Everything is spelled out in the brand book: from the form of the inscription on corporate pens to the rules of professional etiquette. This…

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Breeding Chinchillas as a Home-Based Business
Keeping chinchillas at home is a good idea for additional business. Such an activity does not require constant employment from you, but quickly reaches the payback business. Chinchillas are cute…

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Home Business Technologies
If you are just thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but you have absolutely no experience, open a home-based business. This kind of entrepreneurship is ideal for the first attempt to…

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Breeding cancers at home brings a stable income, which is provided by stable demand. The competition in this business is weak. Large fish farms do not want to deal with crustaceans closely, since at the initial stage, the payback does not give the desired profit with large investment volumes. It is quite difficult to sell large batches in a short time: the most tender cancer meat is an expensive product that can be offered to a limited circle of customers.

Consider two ways to organize a business on crayfish. The first is conventionally called “home production.” The second method involves breeding in conditions close to natural.


Growing lavender once sowed and get $ 10,000 a year from 1 hectare

Lavender is a popular plant not only in the regions of France and China. Export of seeds of these flowers to other countries brings farmers high profits. Since the supply of “purple gold” from France, from countries of Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria and Asia – China has recently declined. Farmers drew attention to this niche in the CIS. Lavender came to Europe from ancient Rome, but today the market is still gaining momentum. After all, lavender is increasingly used as an alternative for various chemical additives and components, and the demand for environmentally friendly products in modern markets is especially growing. For example, today, natural lavender oil is added as a flavoring to washing powders, dishwashing detergents and house cleaning.

Lavender is used in various industries: pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and others. That is why the profitability of such a business will be very high (up to 8 thousand euros per 1 hectare). In addition, it is important to note that lavender is a perennial plant. Sowed once and earn $ 10,000 a year from the 1st hectare. It is important to correctly draw up a business plan and plan expenses in order to quickly pay back this business idea.


Checklist for those who want to become a tutor

Do you dream of working as a freelance tutor, but don’t know where to start? It seems that you have to do too much, and it only scares you more? The editors of “Svoyo Delo” prepared a checklist for those who want to become a tutor and turn this activity into a basic income
Decide why you need it
First of all, you need to understand what you want from this work. Extra income? Or maybe your current schedule doesn’t suit you? The mode and frequency of your classes will depend on the answers to these questions.

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Instructions: how to start teaching online

Working through the Internet allows tutors to save time, increase the number of students and, as a result, income, as well as live in a comfortable mode for themselves. This is a guide for those who want to start teaching online.
Tutoring can be a way to earn money for both students and experienced teachers. According to the research center of the Superjob portal, about 27% of families with children use tutors. Almost half (43%) of parents of high school students also hire teachers for the child.Recently, online teaching is gaining popularity. Choosing this format of work, the tutor greatly facilitates Continue reading

Instagram for business: 10 simple solutions

Experts from the company “Business Youth” share secrets on how to attract customers through Instagram. For example, you will learn how to collect feedback from subscribers and save on advertising from bloggers.
1. How to add more text to the page description
In the profile header, you can enter only 30 characters in the “NAME” field and 150 in the “ABOUT YOURSELF” field. It’s not that much. And if you make out emoji text for better readability – additionally deprive the description of the necessary characters for the text. To place more information, use the ADDRESS field that appears after the page is translated into a business profile. How to do it: Continue reading

Case: How to create a drawing site for people and make money on it
to organize additional income for myself and as a result created a website for draftsmen, who shot well. I'm at work. On the monitor screen is another drawing. Recently, I…


Business on your car
Opening your own business, you need to decide on the direction of the future business and carefully consider all possible options for its implementation. There are a lot of options…


Business over the Internet: Service for renting unnecessary things
Arkady Meshkovsky is a person who came up with and implemented the idea of ​​using unnecessary things. For the first time, he thought about taking and renting things while studying…


How to establish a business
On the topic of how to establish a business, I already wrote in an article on how to organize your business. But since setting up a business is not the…