Business Idea: Handmade Mats
With mats people have been decorating their homes and homes since ancient times. Nowadays, starting from the trends of creating ethnic interiors with the maximum number of natural decor elements,…

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Business on the Internet: We open an affiliate online store
There are a fairly large number of people who dream of starting a business on the Internet, but do not dare to take the first step in this direction. Many…

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How to independently buy a ready-made website with income
Welcome, we, the territory of the investment company! We will help you buy a site! We help private investors to raise income so that it significantly exceeds the expense. In…

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Checklist for those who want to become a tutor

Do you dream of working as a freelance tutor, but don’t know where to start? It seems that you have to do too much, and it only scares you more? The editors of “Svoyo Delo” prepared a checklist for those who want to become a tutor and turn this activity into a basic income
Decide why you need it
First of all, you need to understand what you want from this work. Extra income? Or maybe your current schedule doesn’t suit you? The mode and frequency of your classes will depend on the answers to these questions.

“Even while studying at the Faculty of History, I realized that I wanted to teach, but not at school. Seven Continue reading

How to open a furniture store from scratch

Formats of furniture stores
1. Franchise furniture store
If you want to open a business, but there is no desire to tinker with various paper matters, you can organize a franchise business. Today, many large furniture factories offer those wishing to create a business under their own brand. What does a franchise buyer get?

The main advantage is support in everything. From the search for premises, to the selection of personnel and advertising. What should a franchise buyer do? Just pay the required amount for using the franchise on time, strictly observe all the terms of the franchise (requirements for the premises, employees, etc.). Continue reading

Clients complain about the network: 7 rules for the correct answer

Tip number 1. Do not argue with the author
Remember that you came to the site with reviews not to argue with complaints, but to show readers that your company’s employees are caring, attentive people. They sincerely want to help and sort out any negative situation. Show that your company employs ordinary people who are also mistaken. Make it clear to internet users that you want to make your customers’ lives better.

Perhaps the client was in a bad mood or he misunderstood the company’s employees. Your task is to politely understand the problem. With this attitude, you will maintain a reputation, and the image will Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Advice - Useful Advice Business
The health of any person is laid from birth. Many say: "The main thing is that there is health, and the rest will follow." Most doctors agree with this statement,…


300 grams business or how to open during a crisis
A crisis that only about him have not been written over the past six months. On the Internet you can find a huge number of articles, blogs and videos on…


Home Business Technologies
If you are just thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but you have absolutely no experience, open a home-based business. This kind of entrepreneurship is ideal for the first attempt to…


The history of the project for the sale of electrical equipment
My history of online business began in mid-2009. By this time I had a good career and worked as a product manager for the development of sales of industrial electrical…