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On a couch from Ferrari: how to make money on furniture from spare parts
In 2013, after graduating from the Physics Department of Moscow State University, Mikhail Karavaev got a job as an engineer in a telecommunications company. But he didn’t want to “work…

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What is a brand book and why is it needed
Vala Belovezhskaya, Head of Begain Group “Everything is spelled out in the brand book: from the form of the inscription on corporate pens to the rules of professional etiquette. This…

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What is a brand book and why is it needed
Vala Belovezhskaya, Head of Begain Group “Everything is spelled out in the brand book: from the form of the inscription on corporate pens to the rules of professional etiquette. This…

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Today we’ll talk about all the benefits and nuances of keeping pheasants at home. And also consider all the characteristic features that are inherent in the cultivation of this species. As you know, the tradition of breeding and keeping pheasants originated in ancient Greece. Their tender meat was in particular demand during plentiful feasts, and hunting for these beautiful birds could not leave indifferent any noble nobleman. The bird got its name from the name of the Greek river “Phaseis”.

Demand after a century has not faded away. On the contrary, home breeding of pheasants has now acquired a slightly different significance: they are still kept for further shooting during hunting, but many have also discovered the delights of the pheasant meat business, which brings a solid income at any time Continue reading

Breeding Chinchillas as a Home-Based Business

Keeping chinchillas at home is a good idea for additional business. Such an activity does not require constant employment from you, but quickly reaches the payback business.

Chinchillas are cute and affectionate animals, it is pleasant to work with them in all respects, because they are friendly in nature and do not require special care conditions. For their comfortable maintenance, little is needed: feeding once a day and periodic cleaning of the cage.

Chinchilla skins or live weight willingly buy fur auctions and fur farms in an amount of 10 pcs. and more. For example, for 1 live chinchilla at the downhole age of 7-8 months they give from $ 20. This price can Continue reading


A snail breeding farm is a rather interesting business idea in terms of 100% profitability of the entry threshold and profitability. Many do not even realize the high profitability of this business with minimal investment. It is also worth noting the still very low competition of this exotic business.

In recent years, the cultivation of grape snails has gained particular popularity. This is due to the fact that in many countries of the CIS and Europe, grape snail is considered a tasty, healthy and exotic delicacy. Naturally, such delicacies are quite expensive. In this regard, there is an urgent idea for the business – the cultivation of grape snails. But not everyone knows what is needed for this, where to start and what is the benefit.



Belgian blue cow – a meat breed was bred by Belgian breeders in the first half of the XX century. This happened after the discovery of a special section of DNA that blocks the production of myostanin (a protein that inhibits muscle growth) in the body.

For several years, a careful selection of individuals with the best meatiness was carried out. Then the breed was obtained in its modern form. At the first acquaintance, the blue cow looks very much like a bodybuilder! Already at 6 weeks of age, the calf is noticeably manifested, the breed is characterized by double muscles.



A profitable investment of small dollar amounts is a rather complicated issue that every person has encountered. When we fall into the hands of money, then they have only two paths or a chasm or multiply. You will not find a person who in a sober mind and bright memory wants to lose even a small amount of money – $ 100. They are valued by all and the rich and ordinary people. If a person says that he has enough financial resources – he is lying to you. Monetary resources are a little bit lacking for both ordinary people and entire corporations to achieve new goals. And the thing is not only that man is a bottomless vessel of desires. It is also important to understand that a person by nature needs constant development. So it is arranged. Therefore, it is important for us that our dollars do not disappear, we must make them multiply, and develop ourselves. The smaller the amount of money, the more difficult it is to multiply – this is the law! But difficult does not mean impossible. In this difficult situation, it is important to set an adequate goal. From the very beginning, do not focus on the end result and do not take profit ahead of time. Do not make a false start! Continue reading

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